Blair Atholl Jamborette 2008
Ayrshire Contingent

These pages will contain details for the Ayrshire Contingent who will attend the Camp which is held in the grounds of Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, Perthshire during July 2008.

It's over for 2 years

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The camp is held every two years, this being the 31st camp since it was started back in 1946. This year it is anticipated that there will be over 1000 Scouts from all over the world, along with 350 leaders. In 2006 Scouts will come from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, and USA - a truly International event.

Of those 1000 Scouts, half will be Scottish. Each Scottish Patrol will camp with an overseas Patrol, the Scottish Patrol, providing all the tentage and equipment for themselves and their guests.

More information will be added to these pages as and when it becomes available, as well as numerous pictures as the contingent takes shape.

The Jamborette has it's own web site at Blair Atholl Jamborette where one can read about the history of the event and how the camp is set up, as well as details of the activities which were available in 2006.