Ayrshire's Scouting Sunrise

And how we celebrated - from the tops down to the local halls and towns.

And a bit on how the Jamboree participants celebrated....
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Brownsea Island PL's Camp

Prior to the Scouting's Sunrise 3 Ayrshire Scouts, 2 from Ayrshire North and 1 from Ayrshire East, had a great 3 days on Brownsea Island between Thursday 25th and Saturday 28th July. For some details and pictures click on the PL's camp link above.

Starting in the south of the Area - Ballantrae headed off on Tuesday for Beneraird, 4 miles east south east of Ballantrae and a height of 439 metres with the intent to camp on top, but the weather went against that idea and the camped lower down. John Allsop comments "Slight rain during the night. We camped below the summit and walked up for sunrise. Could not see the sun, but the sky to the East was an impressive deep red.

Girvan - The Beavers and Cubs paraded down the Main Street, accompanied by a Beaver and Cub from Nottingham, to the Stumpy Tower, where they renewed their promise and then returned to the hall for a special birthday cake

Dailly - Dailly celebrated differently and took the Group to Arran for the day where there Beavers met up with the Arran Beavers

Maybole - Headed for Howe Moor being there at 5 a.m. Len reports "Although only about a mile from Brown Carrick, we never saw anyone, but gave a wave anyway. We never saw the sun, only the brightening of the sky through the broken clouds a couple of times but a moving experience nonetheless. A few light spots of rain started as we made our way back to the car. Pity it was not today (2nd August) - a brilliant sunrise at 5.20"

Dalmellington - Members of the Dalmeelington Group renewed their promise, along with invited guests, early on Wednesday morning at their HQ in Dalmellington's Main Steet.

Alloway - On Brown Carrick - Iain reports "from the gloom and rain on top of Brown Carrick we didn't see any rockets go off!!  Nice touch though.

Tarbolton and the 12th (Prestwick) - Barnweil Monument to see the sunrise - John Frew adds "Thought we saw something in the Loudoun direction but nothing from Arran couldn't even see it. Sunrise this morning was excellent just a day too late! At least it stayed dry for us at Barnweil the rain came when we were back in the hall." They did fire a rocket to the south west, but the conditions were not the best for that to be seen.

Phoenix Explorer Unit (Prestwick) headed for Arran on Tuesday and spent the night in Bivie bags on the top of Goatfell. Ian adds "We spent the night on top of Goat Fell hoping for a great sunrise.
Not to be, wet and windy all night, no chance of seeing the fire works on the main land.
If only it had been 24hrs before of later.
But who was to know that a 100 years ago.
Best wishes for the next 100."
Ayrshire East's Jester Explorer Scouts were also around the Area and had hoped to be on the summit at Sunrise - they may have been as Phoenix reported hearing voices but no visual contact.

Dundonald - The Dundonald Group headed for Dundonald Castle where they renewed their Promise on top floor of the Castle in the rain, before having the picture taken on the ground floor and then returning to the Scout Hall for bacon butties.

Stewarton - currently hold the record for having a member renew their Promise at the furthest distance from home. The Lyon family were on holiday in Lido de Jesolo, near Venice in northern Italy, when they joined the local Scout Group , along with a Welsh Cub Scout. Alistair's son is on the left of the Welsh Cub Scout.

Beith- The Beith group held their Promise renewal on Bigholm Hill, 1 mile North East of Beith when 30 members of the Group turn out including two of the boys that had attended the PL's camp on Brownsea Island.

Arran -5 Beaver Scouts from the 32nd Ayrshire Lamlash, celebrated the Centenary at Brodick Castle, with a picnic, and a tour round the world. We started with the story and a quiz about BP, repeated our promise within view of Goatfell. Stephen Mason a National Trust Ranger then took us on a tour round the world within the grounds of the Castle. Both Leaders and Beavers found this very interesting we went round the world by the way of Trees, what part of the world they grow in, how long they live and if they flower etc: Then a Beaver in turn had to place a marker on to a world map so at the end we could see what countries we visited. In total we visited 24 countries which in the space of 1 1/2 hours was very good. We closed our celebrations with a picnic.We were joined for the quiz and renewal of the promise by the 77th Ayrshire Beaver Scouts, they then completed there own programme for the day.


10th Ayrshire Shiskine Cubs and Scouts celebrated by holding a camp at North Sannox, despite the Midges it was a great camp. Arran Adventure provided a full day of activities on the Wednesday including, Kayaking, Abseiling and Archery. On the Thursday pony Trekking was the order of the day. The camp was joined by members of a Scout Troop from Ware Hertfordshire.

And that sums it up from Ayrshire - now what happen further south...

The Jamboree

Wednesday 1st August was probably the highlight of the Jamboree for many - near on 40,000 Scouts in the central Arena area of the site - the balance of the 40,000 were at Brownsea Island - each country at the Jamboree were represented on Brownsea Island - I watched the proceedings on Community Television when I eventually got home - a very moving event.

The whole camp gathered for the Sunrise event at 8 a.m. and the proceedings from Brownsea Island were beamed onto the screens in the Arena. The Jamboree then watched as doves were released on stage, and thousands of coloured balloons were launched in to clear blue skies over Chelmsford.

Then, to the sound of music and dancing, scouts began collecting signatures on their yellow 'sunrise' scarf's from those around them - another opportunity to meet new friends and share a common aim.

A whole day of celebrations and activities were planned, culminating in 'Gifts for Peace' concert on the main stage in the evening.

During the afternoon a 'FOOD FESTIVAL' took place. Units hosted a base in their Sub Camp providing food representing their culture and national identity. The idea being for each Unit to provide a taster portion rather than full meals so that Scouts can make their way from one base to another sampling a wide range of different tastes. Naturally our Unit supplied the traditional haggis, oatcakes and Irn Bru. John Hardy, Assistant Unit Leader, told me that they estimated having had 700 people through the South of Scotland camp during the afternoon

The youngsters are having a ball of a time at the Jamboree - I anticipate there will be a few surprises coming home. whilst I was there on the Thursday neckies and day sacks were being exchanged and badges - I was actually called upon to take down fresh supplies of badges to a couple of our Scouts as well as additional cards for the digital cameras - so expect an excellent supply of pictures on their return.

And finally from my visit a few pictures of the Unit as they relaxed at Lunch time Thursday, and a few of the Jamboree site itself.

The Unit




General pictures of the Jamboree

The area around the Unit's site



I wonder where they come from?

General views around the World Scout Center






One could have spent another day just wandering round things, but I must admit I was shattered after the one day - perhaps I should have made it a 2 day trip.

Brownsea Island PL's Camp

James Cumming reports on the three Ayrshire Scouts, two from Ayrshire North and 1 from Ayrshire East, who took part between 25th July and 28th:- " The camp was a national camp for PL's and Senior Scouts as well as leaders from all over the world.  The young people stayed in sub camps in Patrol tents that were erected by the camp staff before the participants arrived on the Thursday morning.  The young people took part in various activities from coracle building to taking part in various activities from all over the world.  There was also a whole range of activities in the evening including live bands and discos.  The organizing team arranged for the participants to take part in a carnival parade filled with colour and noise which the young people loved.  I am pleased to say that the young people had a great time at the camp and would attend another similar camp in the future.